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"Taking the wraps off the Italian art of seduction"

Is Britain ready for an Italian school of sex appeal? Julia Llewellyn Smith enrolled to see if she could make the grade.

[...] Her techniques are derived from the Hollywood sirens of the Fifties, combined with a few tips from strippers. "Marilyn Monroe didn't need to take her clothes off, her appeal was in her gestures, her gaze...She appeared so spontaneous, but in fact her every move was calculated". The School's files are full of Polaroids of hundreds of women, mostly in her forties, some stunning, most ordinary-looking. Professions include housewife, architect, secretary and schooteacher [...] "You have to take these classes as a bit of fun" she says. "The only students I have problem with are those who have been abandoned by their husbands, they are very competitive and very earnest, always asking me: 'Did I stroke that wine glass correctly?' To be sexy you must have sense of humour."

[...] I have rarely laughed so much, mostly at my pathetic attempts to follow Pixie's flamboyant lead.

Pixie hands over my 'Diploma of Sex-Appeal' but clearly considers me a borderline case. "I think you can do better", se says reprovingly [...]

The Sunday Telegraph, November 16, 1997, by Julia Llewellyn Smith