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"School for Seduction,
Learning the lessons of love the Italian way”.

Determined to catch a man - or hold the one they've got - Italian women are flocking to Milan classroom to swot up the secrets of sex-appeal.

The eleven women parade around the room in a large circle, hands on hips, bottoms wiggling in time to music and the voice of a small but voluptuous redhead who is counting slowly, 'Uno, due, tre.'
One by one they pause to glance at themselves in the full-lenght mirror, pucker up their lips and toss back their hair. The first three clearly have what it takes. They wouldn't look out of place on the catwalk at Gucci or Prada, but while this is Milan, it is not a practise run for a fashion show. This is the Italian School of Sex Appeal, and the diminutive headmistress, Pixie La Rouge , is starting to put her pupils through their paces for the first lesson: how to walk in a seductive manner. As the next students walks to the front of the class, she juts her chest forward and strikes a pose. Pixie takes her in hand. 'You must move in a fluid way. Gracefully, sexily, but you must never be over-the-top.' [...]

'You should touch everything in a slow and sensual way...gently fondle pots and pans, glide with a broom or Hoover'
Pixie La Rouge , 35

"Marieclaire", October 1997, by Hellen Johnston